Volltextsuche in Faxdokumenten mit dem Windows Tiff IFilter

Die mit dem Visendo Fax Server gesendeten und empfangenen Faxe können in den Formaten SFF, TIFF, JPEG oder PDF gespeichert werden. Zur Verwaltung der abgelegten Faxdokumente stehen als offensichtliche Merkmale das Empfangs- bzw. Sendedatum oder die Empfänger- und Sendernummer zur Verf... [Mehr]


Features, Fixes, Future

Despite the silence in our blog, we accomplished many goals over the last few months. Visendo SMTP Extender SP2 Visendo SMTP Extender is now faster and easier to install,runs more stable and has some new, useful features in the Plus Edition. For a detailled list of changes, click he... [Mehr]


Visendo Software Cumulative update release to web

  We just release to web some cumulative updates for Visendo Fax@Mail 2010 , Visendo popConnect 2010 , some summary of fixes, feature improvements : pop3 & smtp transmission improvements SFF files conversion improvements and fixes advanced logging and email notification system ... [Mehr]


Microsoft begins accepting Windows Phone 7.5 “Mango” apps – Visendo Fax is one of them :)

  Microsoft announced on Monday that the company has begun to accept Mango apps.    Developers are now able to submit their updated applications ready for the Windows Phone 7.5 launch in the coming months. The updated apps will allow developers to take advantage of new Windows Pho... [Mehr]


A new vision about faxing –Touch client

    We just want to present you what Visendo Innovations will bring in near future for the new technology trend including Surface 2.0 or Touch terminals, to manage your documents in a different way. stay tuned, visendo teamFresh abortion pose is inclined to obtain fisc in behalf of in... [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server 12 is on its way!

  Yes, that's great news! Fax Server 12 is on its way. We are innovating and bringing new features to our Fax Server. So let's overview a little these new cool features. You will find this new release, ready for download, in the following 6 months. Core features: Parallel processing / ... [Mehr]


Fax SDK v1.2

  Visendo Fax SDK has now been released in version 1.2. As before, the heart of the SDK is a WCF web service that provides various methods to send faxes over the Visendo Fax Server and to query a database for sent and received faxes. That provides you with a comfortable interface to write cu... [Mehr]


Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools v1.1

  The new version of the Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools comes with a small but significant improvement: Now you also have the option to send all Microsoft Word and Word component based documents (see the complete list below) as faxes directly from Sharepoint. So far, the web service supp... [Mehr]


Visendo Tools on Earth Day 2011

  We have still a few days until Earth Day 2011 (April 24th). It is  always interesting what organizations are doing to help the environment. Is this only discussed one day each year?  More and more frequently organizations are recognizing benefits that come with a commitment to green... [Mehr]


Innovations in 2010-2011

Visendo announces a series of innovative applications that embrace the current trends of mobility, technology compliance, unified messaging and open documents protocolsVisendo Software (part of ppedv AG), has announced its latest technology developments and partnership accreditations that sustain it... [Mehr]