Bayesian Filtering VS Keyword Filtering

This post is about how Bayesian Filtering overcomes the disadvantages of classical keyword filtering. It describes how Bayesian Filtering Works, how it calculatez its probabilities and what results it has. [Mehr]


New Entries on our website

A few entries on website: fax server software solutions, hybrid fax solutions, virtual fax servers, API SDK developer guide [Mehr]


Closing the POP3 protocol gap: how known errors are being solved with the brand new popConnect 10 from Visendo

This is a brief description of the new POP3 Connector from Visendo: popConnect - multiple SMTP servers, database reporting, antivirus, spam filter, attachement extracting etc [Mehr]


Visendo MCS internal test: great results at filtering SPAM

This is a shor presentation about the spam filtering results of Visendo Mail Checker Server [Mehr]


Email security: the basics for dummies and advanced users

This is the first article in a series dedicated to email security and functionality: malware, spyware, antiviruses, pop3, SMTP servers, IMAP, email gateways. [Mehr]