Features, Fixes, Future

Despite the silence in our blog, we accomplished many goals over the last few months. Visendo SMTP Extender SP2 Visendo SMTP Extender is now faster and easier to install,runs more stable and has some new, useful features in the Plus Edition. For a detailled list of changes, click he... [Mehr]


How to forward bad emails to SharePoint using Visendo MCS

  Using  Visendo Mail Checker Server - Email-Security you can forward OutOfBox forward unwanted emails to SharePoint Document Libraries, without overloading exchange mail store with unneeded information's. Mailserver Antispam- /Antiviru... [Mehr]


DE-MAIL: As easy as email, as secure as regular post

  We are launching a new product –Visendo popConnect DE-MAIL. De-Mail is a German E-Government communications service that makes it possible to exchange legal electronic documents between citizens, agencies, and businesses over the Internet. And we are preparing it based on the German govern... [Mehr]


Unified Messaging Tools von Visendo Teil II: E-Mail-Software

  Nachdem wir im 1.Teil unsere Fax-Lösungen vorgestellt haben, nun ein Überblick über unsere E-Mail-Lösungen: popConnect - Pop3/IMAP-Konnektor Emails abholen und weiterleiten Einzel- und Sammelkonten Mächtiges Regelsystem für d... [Mehr]


Visendo MCS Outlook Add-In

The new Outlook Add-In for the Visendo Mail Checker Server is a big step forward in usability for users of Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010. Now, users can easily interact with their Antispam settings directly from Outlook, and don’t have to resort with the MCS administrators anymore. Manage account ... [Mehr]


Integrating your Email Security Gate within your Business System

Modern business need reliable and secure email applications in order to function properly. Most of the times, both incoming and outgoing electronic messages pose significant risks to the security of company networks and confidentiality. Mail Checker Server is the ultimate anti-spam email gatewa... [Mehr]


Virtualize your email gateway security NOW!

  Virtual servers are quickly becoming the standard platform of choice, as corporations are making the shift from physical servers and locally-installed client applications to virtual technologies. Visendo Mail Checker Server is helping customers achieve datacenter transformation by maximizing... [Mehr]


Visendo SMTP Extender version - RTM

  First we want to thank all users that sent us feedback in the beta process of SMTP Extender. We are glad to announce the official first release. Product page - http://www.visendo.com/smtpextender.aspx There will be two different editions: a free Community Edition with full basic functiona... [Mehr]


Different types of SPAM. Do we really need to panic?

Here’s a posting I’ve been trying for a while to write. However, I couldn’t find the time to put my resources in the right place.As you have guessed from the title it is about the different types of SPAM. Now, how do we define SPAM? Well that’s a long story. The very basics o... [Mehr]


Top 10 malware threats for 2010; how to deal with them

Top 10 malware in 2010; spam, virus, phishing, TibsPk, Koobface Trojan ZipCard, FakeVirPk, Trojan Invo [Mehr]