Fax SDK v1.2

  Visendo Fax SDK has now been released in version 1.2. As before, the heart of the SDK is a WCF web service that provides various methods to send faxes over the Visendo Fax Server and to query a database for sent and received faxes. That provides you with a comfortable interface to write cu... [Mehr]


Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools v1.1

  The new version of the Sharepoint Fax Integration Tools comes with a small but significant improvement: Now you also have the option to send all Microsoft Word and Word component based documents (see the complete list below) as faxes directly from Sharepoint. So far, the web service supp... [Mehr]


SAP Document Delivery optimization with Visendo Fax Server

SAP is considered as the market and technology leader in business management software, providing comprehensive business software through SAP applications, services and support. Fax technology continues to be critical in several industries and for most of the financial and legal service providers. Ma... [Mehr]


What are the real benefits of integrating a Fax Server with Exchange 2010

This post is about the main benefits of integrating a fax server with Exchange 2010. It goes down to "better communications within an environment by taking into account all the legal hold characteristics". [Mehr]


Visendo Software: August overview

An overview of what happened in August: events, product launches, fax servers, fax@mail 2008 [Mehr]


Webminar about Fax Over IP and Virtualization

Visendo Webminar about fax server integrations: SharePoint 2010,Exchange 2010, Active Directory 2010. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integrations: Exchange 2010 UM

MS Exchange 2010 is a great UM platform which brings to the market multiple improvements compared to the previous versions. Companies that use faxing and need to migrate to Exchange 2010 UM, need to figure out how to integrate faxing systems into the new UM platform. Exchange 2010 UM has the follow... [Mehr]