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Despite the silence in our blog, we accomplished many goals over the last few months. Visendo SMTP Extender SP2 Visendo SMTP Extender is now faster and easier to install,runs more stable and has some new, useful features in the Plus Edition. For a detailled list of changes, click he... [Mehr]


Visendo Software Cumulative update release to web

  We just release to web some cumulative updates for Visendo Fax@Mail 2010 , Visendo popConnect 2010 , some summary of fixes, feature improvements : pop3 & smtp transmission improvements SFF files conversion improvements and fixes advanced logging and email notification system ... [Mehr]


Feedback required: what would you like to see in Visendo Fax Server 12?

We are getting ready to launch Visendo Fax Server 12. This version has many new features that you've suggested us during the years. What other features would you like to see with Visendo Fax Server 12? Here's an overview Office documents server side suppor... [Mehr]


Innovations in 2010-2011

Visendo announces a series of innovative applications that embrace the current trends of mobility, technology compliance, unified messaging and open documents protocolsVisendo Software (part of ppedv AG), has announced its latest technology developments and partnership accreditations that sustain it... [Mehr]


Winter holidays approaching: what are your thoughts about the year that is ending soon?

Hi everybody, as we all know (because of the snow outside - in some places in Europe and US), this year's winter holidays are almost here. And this year is one month close to its end. I am sure that this has been a dynamic year for all of us, given the international economic circumstances. Moreover... [Mehr]


Why you need deeper knowledge of FoIP before implementing it

Fax technology is still a very active and innovative part of the office environment, but it has been continuously changing in terms of appearance and technology.Its basic functionality stays the same – to transfer documents from one place to another. In today’s all-IP environments, it is... [Mehr]


Visendo SMTP Extender version - RTM

  First we want to thank all users that sent us feedback in the beta process of SMTP Extender. We are glad to announce the official first release. Product page - http://www.visendo.com/smtpextender.aspx There will be two different editions: a free Community Edition with full basic functiona... [Mehr]


Green IT tips 2: recycle, recycle, recycle

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Recycle, recycle, recycle. That's  an even simpler to-follow advice. Just use any paper on the both sides of paper. This can save a lot of wasted paper. Use digital format media instead printed documentation for company handbooks, manuals, rosters etc.and don't forget to use a fax server inste... [Mehr]


Windows Server 2008 doesn't have a POP3 Server. What do i need to do?

Visendo SMTP extender is in fact a native POP3 Server extension for the IIS SMTP server. That allows users to access the emails received by the IIS SMTP server with any email client over pop3 protocol. [Mehr]


Apple vs. Microsoft: Who will profit from this clash?

Microsoft Apple Market Values; Apple overtakes MS market value; Small business win with Microsoft; Apple is a trend [Mehr]