Fax routing: a real challenge for Windows SBS 2008

Visendo Fax Server solves an annoying fax routing problem present at Windows SBS 2008. Users will be able to correctly route their faxes to their inbox or send faxes bu using the most efficient routes. [Mehr]


What are the real benefits of integrating a Fax Server with Exchange 2010

This post is about the main benefits of integrating a fax server with Exchange 2010. It goes down to "better communications within an environment by taking into account all the legal hold characteristics". [Mehr]


Document Archiving and back-up: Faxes and Emails in the Web 2.0 ERA

Email and Fax archiving is an important feature of any Email and Faxing system and should be strongly analyzed before purchasing any Email or Faxing software. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integration on Linux

This post is about integrating Visendo Fax Server with Linux: SAMBA, SMB, TCP protocol etc [Mehr]



deliverability in the case of FoIP solutions vs deliverability in the case of normal PSTN faxing solutions [Mehr]


Webminar about Fax Over IP and Virtualization

Visendo Webminar about fax server integrations: SharePoint 2010,Exchange 2010, Active Directory 2010. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integrations: Exchange 2010 UM

MS Exchange 2010 is a great UM platform which brings to the market multiple improvements compared to the previous versions. Companies that use faxing and need to migrate to Exchange 2010 UM, need to figure out how to integrate faxing systems into the new UM platform. Exchange 2010 UM has the follow... [Mehr]


Integrating SharePoint 2010 with Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax Services: SharePoint 2010 integration - key features and benefits of the fax server [Mehr]


New Entries on our website

A few entries on website: fax server software solutions, hybrid fax solutions, virtual fax servers, API SDK developer guide [Mehr]


FoIP: definitions, errors, interconnections and performance issues

This article shows defines shortly what FoIP means, what VoIP means, what are the errors and difficulties tha may appear and invites you to download and try Visendo Fax Server. [Mehr]