Volltextsuche in Faxdokumenten mit dem Windows Tiff IFilter

Die mit dem Visendo Fax Server gesendeten und empfangenen Faxe können in den Formaten SFF, TIFF, JPEG oder PDF gespeichert werden. Zur Verwaltung der abgelegten Faxdokumente stehen als offensichtliche Merkmale das Empfangs- bzw. Sendedatum oder die Empfänger- und Sendernummer zur Verf... [More]


Features, Fixes, Future

Despite the silence in our blog, we accomplished many goals over the last few months. Visendo SMTP Extender SP2 Visendo SMTP Extender is now faster and easier to install,runs more stable and has some new, useful features in the Plus Edition. For a detailled list of changes, click here. &nb... [More]


Innovations in 2010-2011

Visendo Software (part of ppedv AG), has announced its latest technology developments and partnership accreditations that sustain its growing business trend: unified messaging, integration with market leading virtual solutions, further Microsoft applications compliance and mobility. Visendo Fax Client for iPhone and iPAD, brought to the market at the end of 2010 has reached more than 500 downloads per week from iTunes App Store. This sustains Visendo’s beliefs that faxing can be integrated in mobile technology just as any email application or social network activity. In the next months, the German ISV will launch similar applications for Android and Windows Mobile 7 operating systems. [More]


Integrating your Email Security Gate within your Business System

Email Gateway integrations: SharePoint, Exchange, database systems, Active Directory [More]


Visendo Fax Server Integrates with SharePoint

Visendo Fax Server users can now create fax documents in Microsoft Office and send them out as a fax, or save them to SharePoint with the added security of keeping the original fax document in a SharePoint library. [More]