SMTP Extender E-Mail Client Configuration

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24 features that any reliable server side anti-spam solution should have

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4 tips for SMB - how to efficiently manage your important documents

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Optimization techniques at managing faxes for small and medium business

Fax@Mail 10 is in beta release. It is the ultimate tool for optimizing fax receiving workflows for small and medium companies. [Mehr]


Nice shot on how to integrate Visendo MailChecker Server with MS Office 2010

Visendo Mail Checker Server is a great antipishing, anti-SPAM, routing, email server. IT simply replaces MS Exchange for SMBs and it is way affordable. [Mehr]


Windows Server 2008 doesn't have a POP3 Server. What do i need to do?

Visendo SMTP extender is in fact a native POP3 Server extension for the IIS SMTP server. That allows users to access the emails received by the IIS SMTP server with any email client over pop3 protocol. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server integration with virtual gateways: Fax over IP

Fax gateways systems have become an indispensable part of the modern business. With a simple, intuitive operational way and reduced paper consumption, Fax Gateways receive increasing (especially in conjunction with different virtualization solutions) attention as standalone faxes are slowly becoming obsolete. [Mehr]


Fax at Mail 10 - Spy Photos

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Apple vs. Microsoft: Who will profit from this clash?

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Tuesday blinks

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