Fax Server Software vs. Fax Service - how and what you should choose.

This article helps you make up your mind when choosing between a Fax Server Software and a Fax Service. It shows, in a structured manner, what questions you should ask yourself before the investment in terms of. [Mehr]


POP3 Connectors problems - renowned problems encountered by consultants and professionals

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known pop3 connector errors. How popConnect 10 from visendo solves these problems. [Mehr]


Closing the POP3 protocol gap: how known errors are being solved with the brand new popConnect 10 from Visendo

This is a brief description of the new POP3 Connector from Visendo: popConnect - multiple SMTP servers, database reporting, antivirus, spam filter, attachement extracting etc [Mehr]


3 cases where virtualization is too expensive

This is a joke, of course.  We are not talking about "pure" IT here. So, 1. Virtualization would mean: having a robot, driven by only one person that would do the job. Consequences: less physical effort for the soldiers => fat soldiers => weak armies. Normally this is a bad thing for... [Mehr]


Why SMBs should focus on virtualization: faxing and email security cases

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Server virtualization is thought of as something that only big corporations, with hundreds of physical servers, need and, mostly, can afford. But technology evolved and the cost of virtual servers has sunk. Today mid-sized and small businesses with just a few servers should benefit from starting to ... [Mehr]


Visendo MCS internal test: great results at filtering SPAM

This is a shor presentation about the spam filtering results of Visendo Mail Checker Server [Mehr]


FoIP: definitions, errors, interconnections and performance issues

This article shows defines shortly what FoIP means, what VoIP means, what are the errors and difficulties tha may appear and invites you to download and try Visendo Fax Server. [Mehr]


Green faxing in the WEB 2.0 ERA

This article is about how green faxing embraces the web 2.0 era and how one can integrate green faxing into the web 2.0 solutions [Mehr]


Faxing and the future of reliable electronic communications 1: Basics

This is the first article in a series about: faxing, fax over ip, MFP, VoIP integration, green computing and digital savings [Mehr]


Email security: the basics for dummies and advanced users

This is the first article in a series dedicated to email security and functionality: malware, spyware, antiviruses, pop3, SMTP servers, IMAP, email gateways. [Mehr]