Bayesian Filtering VS Keyword Filtering

This post is about how Bayesian Filtering overcomes the disadvantages of classical keyword filtering. It describes how Bayesian Filtering Works, how it calculatez its probabilities and what results it has. [Mehr]


Webminar about Fax Over IP and Virtualization

Visendo Webminar about fax server integrations: SharePoint 2010,Exchange 2010, Active Directory 2010. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server and SharePoint 2010: How to ScreenShots

Visendo Fax Server Integration 2010 Screenshots [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integrations: Exchange 2010 UM

MS Exchange 2010 is a great UM platform which brings to the market multiple improvements compared to the previous versions. Companies that use faxing and need to migrate to Exchange 2010 UM, need to figure out how to integrate faxing systems into the new UM platform. Exchange 2010 UM has the follow... [Mehr]


Integrating SharePoint 2010 with Visendo Fax Server

Visendo Fax Services: SharePoint 2010 integration - key features and benefits of the fax server [Mehr]


Key features of SharePoint 2010; integrating SharePoint 2010 with Fax Server Solutions

Visendo Fax Server Inbtegrations guide: integrate with SharePoint 2010; benefits and features of SharePoint 2010 [Mehr]


New Entries on our website

A few entries on website: fax server software solutions, hybrid fax solutions, virtual fax servers, API SDK developer guide [Mehr]


Visendo Software Reviewers Wanted.

This is Visendo Fax Software or Email Suite reviewrs program especially for bloggers from the tech industry. [Mehr]


Using ITiff Filter with Visendo Fax Tools – part 1

Visendo fax Suite Search Integration Visendo Fax Suite supports Tiff documents as source or destination of the fax communication Flow, that makes easier integration and collaboration with document management systems for indexing, search, enterprise document workflow. You just need to enable the T... [Mehr]


popConnect10 release to web

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You will benefit from a more reliable, more secure and with more features POP3 Connector. The current version brings more flexibility, security and easiness to use compared to previous versions. popConnect 10 remains a POP3 Connector in terms of price and usability and offer advanced functions th... [Mehr]