Back to school: "Here You Have" Worm

"Here you have"-worm: what you need to do to avoid getting infected. [Mehr]


Fax routing: a real challenge for Windows SBS 2008

Visendo Fax Server solves an annoying fax routing problem present at Windows SBS 2008. Users will be able to correctly route their faxes to their inbox or send faxes bu using the most efficient routes. [Mehr]


What are the real benefits of integrating a Fax Server with Exchange 2010

This post is about the main benefits of integrating a fax server with Exchange 2010. It goes down to "better communications within an environment by taking into account all the legal hold characteristics". [Mehr]


How Can Spammers Get Past Bayesian Filters?

This post explains how SPAMMERS can get pas well trained Bayesian filters. [Mehr]


Document Archiving and back-up: Faxes and Emails in the Web 2.0 ERA

Email and Fax archiving is an important feature of any Email and Faxing system and should be strongly analyzed before purchasing any Email or Faxing software. [Mehr]


Visendo Fax Server Integration on Linux

This post is about integrating Visendo Fax Server with Linux: SAMBA, SMB, TCP protocol etc [Mehr]


Innovation with Bayesian Filtering

Bayesian filtering is based on the principle that any event is dependent and that the probability of an event occurring in the future can be inferred from the history of occurrences of that event: history is always repeating. Bayesian spam filtering has become a popular mechanism to distinguish illegitimate spam email from legitimate email (sometimes called "ham"). [Mehr]


Unified messaging: Features of any UC platform for SMBs and Corporations

Unified Communication Platforms are a must in today's business dynamics in both cases of SMBs and corporations. This post shows a list of features that any UC platform should have. [Mehr]


Visendo Software: August overview

An overview of what happened in August: events, product launches, fax servers, fax@mail 2008 [Mehr]



deliverability in the case of FoIP solutions vs deliverability in the case of normal PSTN faxing solutions [Mehr]